Local thunderstorms swept through our valley today. I couldn’t do it and on the way home I stopped and took a picture of a typical Cumulonimbus anvil. The opening image shows Cumulus congestus. When I took my meteorology exams a long time ago, for my pilot’s license, I had to know every type of cloud cover. Paragliding under Cumulus congestus or Cumulonimbus is extremely dangerous. Such a cloud sucks you in and there is not much chance of getting down healthy.

MF Samyang 135mm, Nikon D800

13 thoughts on “Cumulonimbus…”

  1. The windmills and clouds make beautiful photos, Michal.💗📸🌹that’s very interesting information about flying.. do you still have a pilots license?💕✨

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    1. Thank You dear Marilyn🤗☀️🌹 the photo is about six kilometers from my home and when I got home it was raining


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