the outdoor atelier…

I decided that my model would be an old tree stump. The opening screen shows a tree stump in a city park. The other images of one model are taken from the Ecce Homo turn of race, which is attractive to the spectators. I took pictures again with everything I had with me🙃🙂📷

SMC Takumar 55mm(Fomapan F400), Hoya HMC 35-105mm(Fujifilm 2000), Samyang 135mm(Nikon D800) and intro was taken by Samyang 135 + tea filter

12 thoughts on “the outdoor atelier…”

    1. Thank You dear Amber💞🌹😘 I personally have never taken photos at this race. At the same time, the goal of this race is about 5 km from my house. There are always an awful lot of people there. In the evening it is alive there. Everyone is grilling, drinking, playing music… but which I already enjoyed as a musician and I love the calm now. These photos are from everyday life

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      1. That’s cool that it’s nearby. I enjoy the peace and calm, too. I’d choose a quiet night on a balcony at the beach over anything in the world. It’s my lifelong dream to live in an oceanfront home to enjoy the night sky and write every single night. 🌊✨🖋💕🌺


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