35 by 6×6 …

I would like to have long corridors at home… and photos everywhere on the walls

Pentacon Six TL, CZ Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Neopan Acros 100II, Kodak Professional, intro Nikon D800

7 thoughts on “35 by 6×6 …”

  1. 📸Wow, I love the way you made the cameras look in these photos, Michal.💕✨🌺How meta📸🌹 that sounds really nice, I’d love a big beach house, maybe 🤔 I could invite people over to enjoy a huge balcony. 🌊💕✨We could stare at the night sky and drink ☕️ all night and spot shooting stars✨💖 it’s nice to dream about the things we’ve always wanted, isn’t it?

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    1. once a friend and I were watching the Perseids… I was broadcasting live from our garden (I used to have FB) and he was about thirty kilometers away in the hills at his cottage… together we were commenting on individual grains of dust from space… it was great evening It was alone, yet in company 💕✨✨🌌☄

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