empty film…

If you find that the film is completely blank after developing, it’s usually 99.9% your fault. Behind that 0.1% could be a camera shutter defect. But it always means that what you photographed will remain only in your memories. Sometimes it happens that you first pour the fixer into the developer tank (happened to me once so far). As soon as I saw that the film was empty, I thought I had poured fixer instead of developer. This would mean that I then poured the contents of the developer into the wrong containers. So I disposed of the developer and the fixer. Since I still had a few undeveloped negatives, I mixed the developers and fixer again. I just resealed the camera due to light leakage. So at that point I had no idea if I had sealed the camera well. Immediately after I mixed the new solutions, I noticed that the length of film illuminated corresponded to the length of film that had not yet been loaded in the camera. In the amount of negatives, I simply inserted the unexposed film in the developer tank. So, thanks to my own mistake, I only lost one film and two liters of chemistry. But no photo… luckily. The film I wanted to develop was still in the camera. When I finally developed him up, I was sure the seal repair had gone well. Nevertheless, I dried the empty film and kept it for teaching to those interested in the analog process🙂🙃📷

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      1. 4 day trip to Amsterdam [college trip] and I found out day before leaving and after we’d done all the exciting walks etc! I went crazy! During that time we’d save on clicks as the films were expensive. I’d been confidently clicking away without looking at the counter, till I started thinking that I’ve clicked too many and looked at the counter to see 48 or something! 😱


  1. Thanks for sharing your error, Mic, glad it was not a big loss, whew! I have not handled lost digital photos well…. 😖 I’ve been in tears, on the phone with my son.. 😢 Thankfully, for a couple big losses, my smart boy was able to retrieve them. 😊 But not the ones that never had a card in the camera, ugh!! That only happened once, I learned a big lesson that day, I was so mad at myself. 😉

    Technical question…..Will 30 year old negatives still develop? I have a box of photos and lots of envelopes with negatives. They were stored in room temperature for all these years. Do they get too brittle or have other issues?

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    1. If these are developed films, then there is no problem. You can make photos of them even in 100 years. If you also have films taken but not developed, you can still get decent photos from them😉🤗🌹🌹🌹

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      1. Thanks for info! Yes, they are developed negatives. I may even have some from when I was dating my husband! 😉 I’ll keep them and sort my photos to see if there are some that I want more prints. 🙂

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      2. 👌👌👌👌 Never throw away negatives. It is ideal to scan them in high resolution and then work with them.

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