Praktica BCA…

I welcomed another member to my family. Last week I acquired another older camera at auction. It was offered with a bag and a Prakticar f 1.8/50mm lens. The cost of postage was more than the cost of the camera. Even though it’s been the 4th day with nasty weather and quite dark days, I couldn’t resist and tried it on a walk in the forest. The result is, I would say sad… The camera can only take pictures in mode A (Aperture preference) or B. The problem is that the information about the used shutter speed remains hidden from the photographer. For users of a lens with a longer focal length, the calculated time may be longer than the value of the focal length. And holding the camera and the 135mm lens with the teleconverter for a long time is often beyond my abilities. Still, I’m glad to have it in my collection. It works, no light flows into it, and in good conditions I will definitely manage to make a nice photo one day.

Praktica BCA, Prakticar 50mm+ Carl Zeiss 135mm, Fomapan F400

10 thoughts on “Praktica BCA…”

    1. Thank You sweet Amber🌹💞🌷 This series of cameras was said to be aimed at absolute beginners. You can easily take a street photo in good weather on a wide glass. Yesterday was completely extreme. A dark forest, a dark day, .. I already know that it is not ideal for this type of weather and environment

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    1. Thank You dear Marina😘🌹🤗 i would like to own all the cameras that no one wants anymore. And I would take even just one ordinary photo with everyone


  1. Welcome, camera, to Mic’s collection! 🙂 I thought of you when I saw a local auction near me that listed three lots that had old cameras. One was a lot that consisted of a Heinz Kilfitt Munchen Fern-Kilar 400mm Telephoto lens in original hard case, also included a vintage Exakta VX IIB camera with Zeiss 50mm lens and 135mm f 2.8 Quinar lens, untested, shutter worked. I thought, Mic would know what these brands are!


    1. The Kilar is great lens and you can assemble the adapter for other cameras. The mentioned Carl Zeiss lenses are always good lenses. But when used with a DSLR, they sometimes have a larger aberration (But that’s only because they were developed for an SLR) If you want to buy an SLR, don’t forget that the maximum shutter speed is often 1/1000s. It takes some practice with subjects that will be moving… Exacta’s are great cameras😉🤗📷🎞🎞🎞🌹

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