So today I was in the forest with only a DSLR. Thanks to the high ISO used, I could afford to take photos even in places where some light would be useful. Pleasantly soft images were created, of course, thanks to the software. In the previous post, I presented what I didn’t like in the forest this morning. Now I present what I like in the forest, apart from the divine peace. Just a few ordinary edited photos😉🙃🙂📷

Nikon D800, MF Zeiss Planar T* 50 mm f/1,4 ZF.2, postprocess LR

15 thoughts on “Soft…”

    1. Thank You dear Tea🤗😘📷 It’s some kind of daisy. However, it was the first time I saw it with blue edges. When adjusting the color saturation, she accentuated the blue a lot💙


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