the sky is gray…

like the facade of our house. Let’s hope for a few more sunny days. Soothing autumn colors appear only in the Sun.

  • Fujica ST901, Super Takumar 2,5/135mm+Helios 44-2, Kodak GB200-7, C41
    • Contax 139 Quartz, Maginon Serie G 3,5/ 28-85mm, Fomapan F400, Kodak professional

the true rocker…

Before my son left for campus again, I forced him to give me five minutes. At the same time, I am adding one cover version that he recorded when he was about 14 years old. Today’s photos are dedicated to High key style 😉🙂🙃📷🎸

  • Pentacon Six TL, CZ Flektogon 50mm Zebra, Ilford HP5Plus
  • Nikon D800, Sigma 17-35mm (intro)

Modus ponendo ponens…

The relationship between light and shadow does not need to be clarified… although at the quantum level it is directly a chain of incredible events

  • Fujica ST901, SMC Asahi-Takumar 1,8/50mm+Super Takumar 135mm, Kodak GB 200-7, C41

few ordinary DSLR shots….

The weather was so nasty that I really didn’t want to do anything at all. Temperatures in the morning are already dropping to 0°C. Well, at least the rain has stopped… apparently it will start snowing very soon this year.At least it was time to search the blogs a bit and read a lot of interesting articles…👀🖥

  • Nikon D800, Nikkor f 1,4/50mm (anthurium shots with snap snoot and diffuser) cropp

I was just one year old…

…and negative had just been made that expired two years later. it took him 50 years without a single month to reach my camera. To my first camera. Happy birthday old Fomapan 21…🙂🙃📷🍾🎞

Lubitel 166B, 3,5/80mm, Fomapan 21 expired 1974, +1EV, Kodak Sepia tonner, spool and Lilith

Jared and the mirror…

It takes about 15 minutes to create such images with a DSLR, including post-processing. Maybe that’s why I prefer analog. I have to enjoy it a bit and experience a bit of waiting for the result🙂🙃📷

  • Nikon D800, Sigma f 2.8/17-35mm, LR

more photos in gallery Portrait of…

I think autumn…

…has already started here. It’s cold and raining. And that’s demotivating for me. Hopefully the sun will come out soon and turn nature back into a palette of colors… which I’m so happy to change back to black and white. But today I will post a few more pictures from last week…. in color.

  • Praktica BC1, Prakticasr 35-70mm, Kodak GB200-7
  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 50mm, Fomapan F400 (intro)


A new image has appeared in our home gallery. Whenever my daughter asked me what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always wanted a picture from her💖🖌🎨🖼🙃🙂📷

  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 1,4/50mm, Fomapan F400

few shots…

One of the photos caught my eye already on the negative when I took it out of the fixer… I spent a while trying to remember where I took the picture 🙂📷🙃🌞

  • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Kodak GB 200-7(intro)
    • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Ilford HP5 Plus
  • Contax 159 Quartz,Yashica DSB 135mm, Kodak GB 200-7

to the forest and back…

In addition to several mushrooms, I also took several photos. All the photos were taken on a color Kodak, but some of them in black and white are simply better. Have You wonderful Sunday dears🌞🙂🙃📷

  • Contax 139 Quartz, DSB Yashica 135mm, Kodak GB200-7

It started with a fog today and it will end with a fog…

…but it was still nice, even though there was almost nothing to see in the valley 🙂📷🙃

  • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Ilford HP5 Plus
  • Praktica BC1, Practicar 35-70mm, Kodak GB 200-7

The spidergirl….

Thanks to the fog, cobwebs appeared everywhere. While taking a photo of one of them, I noticed that there was a beautiful spider girl right next to my leg. I only found out at home that it was a girl. Argiope bruennichi. Beautiful girl in a striped swimsuit…🙂📷🙃🕸🕷

  • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Ilford HP5 Plus
  • Praktica BC1, Practicar 35-70mm, Kodak GB 200-7

clear & foggy 3 …

the last set of photos from the small Clear & Foggy project. It was the first time I ever used the Prakticar 35-80mm lens. Someone once sent it to me just so💖 It was fun to watch the faces of random passing drivers. The fog is always thicker in real life than in the photos. So the drivers had the opportunity to see a crazy person on the side of the road pointing a camera at a white wall from the fog😁🌁.… I hope you liked it 🤗🙂📷🙃.

  • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Kodak GB 200-7
    • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Ilford HP5 Plus
  • Praktica BC1, Practicar 35-70mm, Kodak GB 200-7