analog of Jared

So I finally managed to talk Jared into trying analog photography again. He is still afraid of messing it up. I told him that all he should do with the black and white photo is try to fill the area with what he is photographing. For cropping, some negative films are not suitable at all due to graininess. But otherwise let him take pictures of what he wants and how he wants. So, yesterday, at the windmill, he took analog photos for the second time in his life. I developed and scanned the film for him. The post-process in LR went quite well for him. The last photo was taken when I told him to take a picture of the landscape from a moving car with a longer shutter speed. After coloring(in Neural), it gave a hint of the photographer’s impressionism🙂🙃📷 I think he might enjoy the analog process…

Nikon F50, Sigma 2.8/ 17-35mm, Fomapan F400

18 thoughts on “analog of Jared”

    1. I think that for now he will only guest on with his dad 😁. He has his own Instagram account #iamj4red where he devotes himself to his musical projects🎼🎶🎵🎸


      1. Be kind to him, gentle to let his personality grow up without a fear. I have a 16 years younger sister whom I courage whatever she did. She grow up as self confident person. Why I courage all friends as well? Beautiful we all carry on a “constantly quilty carriage” from our control freak parents, most of us, of course 😍

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      2. 🤗Our children are already big… now I believe in their good upbringing🌹👁


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