I was just one year old…

…and negative had just been made that expired two years later. it took him 50 years without a single month to reach my camera. To my first camera. Happy birthday old Fomapan 21…🙂🙃📷🍾🎞

Lubitel 166B, 3,5/80mm, Fomapan 21 expired 1974, +1EV, Kodak Sepia tonner, spool and Lilith

11 thoughts on “I was just one year old…”

    1. Thank You dear Donna, welcome back😁🤗📷.The main reason why I used this film was for a discussion in which I wanted to get novice photographers out of the often-spread nonsense about how to use expired films with untraceable storage history.

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      1. Very cool and interesting to know! Sorry I’ve been MIA 😉 been so busy recently finishing up the summer fun with the grandboys, house designing, and trying to capture the migrating birds flying through our region! 😁

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      2. 😉📷here, temperatures are already around 5°C and it’s still raining. It’s been a strange summer here…hopefully at least autumn will be fine☀️📷🍁🍂

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