Zenit E…

I thought to check the functionality of an old USSR camera Zenit E from my camera museum. Obviously it will need cleaning as it doesn’t like slow shutter speeds, but times from 1/60sec still work. With sensitive film and a bit of sun, it was possible to shoot at a higher depth of field. His original Helios 44-2 lens was back on the camera. However, the advantages of this lens are especially at a small depth of field. But I’ll show that later with a color film.The selenium exposure meter still works, but I’m not betting on its accuracy. I exposed as I usually do… by eye. The opening photo is taken on a Nikon D800 with an M42 adapter and a second Helios 44-2 lens 📷🙂🙃

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2(f 2/58mm), Fomapan F400
  • Nikon D800+Helios 44-2(intro)

16 thoughts on “Zenit E…”

  1. Long ago I bought this camera in a Japanese supermarket (not camera shop). This camera is very nostalgic for me. I appreciate your beautiful pictures.

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  2. i often use this lens with or without an adapter in freelensing stile with my 5dmkii. Actually did this also today. Additionally have two Asahi m42 lenses also for the same manner photography and for use on my Pentax Spotmatic camera. The results you got are beautiful ❤️

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