According to our calendar, today is a Michaelmas holiday💕. A fortnight ago, while rummaging through my tools, I discovered undeveloped VX200 film. I had no idea what was on it. I used the C41 process and was hoping to get some photos of it with the scanner. We figured it was taken on some Olympus compact my wife was using at the time(2006)🙂🙃📷

  • kompact Olympus?, VX200, C41+postprocess LR

11 thoughts on “Misha….”

  1. These are so sweet, Mic, what a fabulous surprise!! You had to be on Cloud 9 with this, Happy Michaelmas, Mic!!! 🥳🎄🎁💃❤️🤗😊🤗

    So does Misha remember when these photos were taken? 🙂


    1. Thank You dear Donna🤗🌹 Because it was a film in an Olympus compact that was not photographed much, it captures quite a long period of time. Her birthday and Christmas. And thanks to that, she also remembered some of the photo shoots.

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