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too light watering can….

It was just a quick idea. Attaching the watering rose to the watering can was easy. I was rewarded with flowers in a too light pot 😁📷 Inspired by Tool – Pot 🎵🎸💐

Canon EOS500N + Canon 1.8/50mm + Fomapan F400

TOOL – The pot

what you see is not what you see…

It is so. We like to be fooled by what we see. And I’m not even talking about how easily we get fooled by what we hear. The opening photo shows a rippled water surface in which treetops are reflected. The problem is that it is the roof of a car after a hailstorm 😁😁😁📷

The third camera on the walk ….

…was a Nikon F50. I would prefer to take all the cameras with me so they don’t regret not being able to go with us.

Mix of photos from Nikon F50 (135+20mm) and Fujica ST901(135mm), both with red filter

rolls No.: 35080022 & 66058022

If you shoot with analog cameras, it’s important to have some sort of archiving system. Black and white negatives for 35mm cameras I start with the number 35 and end with the year. Medium formats start with the number 66. If it is a color negative, the number code starts with the letter C. Since I sometimes color the photos, identification is then easier. Yes, they are almost the same shots as from a DSLR. But because I’m fool, I always try it with everything I have with me…😉🙃📷

Fujica ST901+Super Takumar f2,5/135mm + red filter, Acros 100II( intro and last one are colored)

Just a perfect day….

A few more photos from Friday’s walk. I’m going to round off today’s perfect day (without sangria) with a few scrolls in my bag and a few cameras. Inspired by Lou Reed – Perfect day

Takumar 135mm+50mm (both red filter), Fomapan F400 (intro was colored)

Perfect day – Lou Reed

Finally, …

… the car is a bit drivable again. As soon as possible, I mounted, and after more than a month I rode from our valley to the hill. Naturally, I also took a camera with a 135mm damaged Takumar lens. I managed to exchange it on the Internet for an older problem-free 50mm lens. Some people may also find it strange why I replaced a problem-free lens with a damaged one (20 percent of the front lens area is chipped), I had a reason for that. I have a really large number of 50mm lenses at home, because the older cameras that I buy usually have just such a lens. A damaged front lens on a 135mm lens can add the maximum to the originality of a photo. Even such a large defect can only become apparent when taking photos in backlight.

P.S. The old red Jaguar XJ classic in the photos is not my car. Although I would like to be its owner 😁

Fujica ST901, Super Takumar f2,5/135mm + red filter, Fomapan F400

dramatization of non-dramatic things…

I’m already looking forward to going somewhere and being able to take pictures of something other than everything in our village…over and over 😁📷

Vario Elmar + Takumar, both Fomapan F400

The church II …

Last week I wrote to you about one of our churches. There is also a stained glass window in one of the photos, which reminded me of the story about the storm and the wedding. I have never seen a stained glass window with a grid in the shape of lightning bolts before. So below I am adding some photos from yesterday’s early evening walk…

Pentacon Six(MC Sonnar 180mm) + Fujica ST901 (Takumar 55mm)


It finally stopped raining yesterday afternoon. Deciding whether to go take pictures or fix the car was short. I took three old cameras and Jared with my Nikon. I photographed three negatives in 40 minutes. Although there is not much to photograph… 🤗📷🌞

shot -> edit -> art

A while ago I had to go and hide at home because of the afternoon rain. I selected one image from the previous negative and edited it in the LR editor after scanning. I really liked the circles created by the individual lens groups in the lens…

Fujica ST901, Takumar 1.8/55, BW Acros 100II, Kodak TMax professional 1:4 -> scan as color negative -> Adobe LR

morning at Takumar….

This morning, after a long time, I took photos with my old love Fujica ST901. In combination with the Takumar 1.8/55mm lens, this is still an incredibly high-quality device. I took a couple of pictures of a flowered lily against the sun (probably that’s why my eyesight is getting worse). To make the sun really round in the photo, I used an ND64 filter with the aperture wide open… Yes, I could have titled the post Morning with Takumar, but that way you might be thinking where the hell Takumar is😁📷

Fujica ST901, SMC Takumar f1.8/55mm, Fujifilm Acros 100II

BW day…

It rained today after the sweltering heat…which is the perfect time to hide in the darkroom and try to turn back time.

The church.

We have two churches here. I read about one of them decades ago that something strange happened once during a wedding ceremony. The article said that everyone in the church was convinced that a big storm had started outside. They were surprised to find that no one outside knew of any storm….When I tried to check with my parents and grandparents, no one knew this story. And I stopped thinking about it. It could just as well have been one church, or the other church, or neither….But I noticed something interesting on one of them yesterday. Unfortunately the light was on the other side and the photo would have been lousy… I’m sure I already know it was this church. I’ll try to find out at the rectory if they know anything more…Maybe this event is older than what was written in the article🤔

Leica R7, VE 70-200,Fomapan F400+ Nikon D800,14mm