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outdoor atelier 3

Sometimes I feel like a little kid. All I need to play is a small shovel and… and few cameras🙃🙂📷

Pentacon Six, Flektogon Zebra 50mm+Biometar Zebra 80mm, Acros 100II and Fujica ST901, SMC Takumar 55mm, Fomapan F400

Outdoor atelier 2

Sometimes quite interesting photos are taken. Although these photos will not be suitable for an encyclopedia of flowers, they will suffice as a memory. Intro is double-exposure too… a hippie style 🙂🙃📷

Fujifilm 200(35mm) + Acros 100II(medium format)

the long exposures…

I didn’t want to sleep yesterday. I thought of taking a few pictures. I set up three cameras with different film sensitivities, pointed the lenses at the Polaris and opened the shutters. The opening image is Fomapan 400 exposed for 20 minutes. The second Fujifilm 200 image exposed for 30 minutes and the last image is the least sensitive Acros 100 II film,exposed for a full hour and a half. But since my vision is getting worse, I couldn’t focusing well. I would slap myself😠📷🌟.On the other hand, analog startrails are not very common. Two Perseids were also captured on the initial image – an experienced observer will spot them right away

Takumar 135mm+ Yashica 50mm+ Sonnar 180mm

Just a perfect day….

A few more photos from Friday’s walk. I’m going to round off today’s perfect day (without sangria) with a few scrolls in my bag and a few cameras. Inspired by Lou Reed – Perfect day

Takumar 135mm+50mm (both red filter), Fomapan F400 (intro was colored)

Perfect day – Lou Reed

The church II …

Last week I wrote to you about one of our churches. There is also a stained glass window in one of the photos, which reminded me of the story about the storm and the wedding. I have never seen a stained glass window with a grid in the shape of lightning bolts before. So below I am adding some photos from yesterday’s early evening walk…

Pentacon Six(MC Sonnar 180mm) + Fujica ST901 (Takumar 55mm)


It finally stopped raining yesterday afternoon. Deciding whether to go take pictures or fix the car was short. I took three old cameras and Jared with my Nikon. I photographed three negatives in 40 minutes. Although there is not much to photograph… 🤗📷🌞

BW day…

It rained today after the sweltering heat…which is the perfect time to hide in the darkroom and try to turn back time.

Sky is over…

This photo article is inspired by song of Serj Tankian Sky is over… la,la,la,la,la,la……… Have You great Sunday, dears🌞🤗🌍🌎🌏

Pentacon Six TL, Neopan Acros 100II & Nikon F50, Neopan Acros 100II

Serj Tankian – Sky is over

oriental trumphet lily…

Even though the lily bed has thinned out considerably due to the vagaries of the weather, the remaining lilies are blooming beautifully again… their fragrance spreads throughout the surrounding area.

Mix of photos by Nikon D800 & Pentacon Six( neopan Acros 100II)

Breadline …

A few older pictures from the places where the lost generation spent their youth. Who is to blame? We? Society? Company? They? Inspired by Megadeth – Breadline

love in the dark…

I bought my first and only enlarger the same year I got my first camera for Christmas. Back then, as a child, I could only earn money by collecting waste paper. I only realized today that I handed in more than 600 kg of old paper back then to be able to buy it. The parents were very surprised when an elderly man showed up at our place and brought this old Opemus 6×6. So I have been its proud owner for 42 years. It still works great. This is how it looks like when a photo is born the classic way..

there was once a clothes peg….

that met the other clothes peg at one party. They spent all their time together. All days and nights. Till the end…

Leica R7(Fomapan F400)+ Pentacon Six(Fujifilm 100 Acros II) + Nikon F50(Fujifilm 100 Acros II)