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The third camera on the walk ….

…was a Nikon F50. I would prefer to take all the cameras with me so they don’t regret not being able to go with us.

Mix of photos from Nikon F50 (135+20mm) and Fujica ST901(135mm), both with red filter

rolls No.: 35080022 & 66058022

If you shoot with analog cameras, it’s important to have some sort of archiving system. Black and white negatives for 35mm cameras I start with the number 35 and end with the year. Medium formats start with the number 66. If it is a color negative, the number code starts with the letter C. Since I sometimes color the photos, identification is then easier. Yes, they are almost the same shots as from a DSLR. But because I’m fool, I always try it with everything I have with me…😉🙃📷

Fujica ST901+Super Takumar f2,5/135mm + red filter, Acros 100II( intro and last one are colored)

Just a perfect day….

A few more photos from Friday’s walk. I’m going to round off today’s perfect day (without sangria) with a few scrolls in my bag and a few cameras. Inspired by Lou Reed – Perfect day

Takumar 135mm+50mm (both red filter), Fomapan F400 (intro was colored)

Perfect day – Lou Reed

Finally, …

… the car is a bit drivable again. As soon as possible, I mounted, and after more than a month I rode from our valley to the hill. Naturally, I also took a camera with a 135mm damaged Takumar lens. I managed to exchange it on the Internet for an older problem-free 50mm lens. Some people may also find it strange why I replaced a problem-free lens with a damaged one (20 percent of the front lens area is chipped), I had a reason for that. I have a really large number of 50mm lenses at home, because the older cameras that I buy usually have just such a lens. A damaged front lens on a 135mm lens can add the maximum to the originality of a photo. Even such a large defect can only become apparent when taking photos in backlight.

P.S. The old red Jaguar XJ classic in the photos is not my car. Although I would like to be its owner 😁

Fujica ST901, Super Takumar f2,5/135mm + red filter, Fomapan F400

dramatization of non-dramatic things…

I’m already looking forward to going somewhere and being able to take pictures of something other than everything in our village…over and over 😁📷

Vario Elmar + Takumar, both Fomapan F400

The church II …

Last week I wrote to you about one of our churches. There is also a stained glass window in one of the photos, which reminded me of the story about the storm and the wedding. I have never seen a stained glass window with a grid in the shape of lightning bolts before. So below I am adding some photos from yesterday’s early evening walk…

Pentacon Six(MC Sonnar 180mm) + Fujica ST901 (Takumar 55mm)


It finally stopped raining yesterday afternoon. Deciding whether to go take pictures or fix the car was short. I took three old cameras and Jared with my Nikon. I photographed three negatives in 40 minutes. Although there is not much to photograph… 🤗📷🌞

shot -> edit -> art

A while ago I had to go and hide at home because of the afternoon rain. I selected one image from the previous negative and edited it in the LR editor after scanning. I really liked the circles created by the individual lens groups in the lens…

Fujica ST901, Takumar 1.8/55, BW Acros 100II, Kodak TMax professional 1:4 -> scan as color negative -> Adobe LR

morning at Takumar….

This morning, after a long time, I took photos with my old love Fujica ST901. In combination with the Takumar 1.8/55mm lens, this is still an incredibly high-quality device. I took a couple of pictures of a flowered lily against the sun (probably that’s why my eyesight is getting worse). To make the sun really round in the photo, I used an ND64 filter with the aperture wide open… Yes, I could have titled the post Morning with Takumar, but that way you might be thinking where the hell Takumar is😁📷

Fujica ST901, SMC Takumar f1.8/55mm, Fujifilm Acros 100II