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ordinary analog colors…

a few more shots from the film that has been in the camera for three weeks. In forty years of photography, it has never taken me this long to finish shooting a film.I guess I’m getting old…🙂🙃📷

Fujica ST 901, SMC Takumar 55mm+macrotubes, Kodak GB200-7

the wooden toy…

I was thinking how easy it would be to take a picture of a humming top. But before I took the camera in my hand and tried to focus, the humming top was already reliably lying down. If this toy is called something else, I’m sorry… we call it “káča”(a duck) 😉🙂🙃📷

  • Fujica ST901 Super Takumar 135, Kodak GB200-7

The sun came out…

… and you can even see the blue sky. After more than three weeks of dark, very cold days
and persistent rain that seemed to never end. I don’t like days like this. It’s like watching the News 24 hours a day full of bad news. But yesterday the clouds parted and the Sun confirmed its existence… And now is the perfect time to finish shooting the film😉🙂🙃📷

  • Fujica ST 901, Takumar 55mm+macrotubes+ Helios 44-2+, Kodak GB200-7

the sky is gray…

like the facade of our house. Let’s hope for a few more sunny days. Soothing autumn colors appear only in the Sun.

  • Fujica ST901, Super Takumar 2,5/135mm+Helios 44-2, Kodak GB200-7, C41
    • Contax 139 Quartz, Maginon Serie G 3,5/ 28-85mm, Fomapan F400, Kodak professional

Modus ponendo ponens…

The relationship between light and shadow does not need to be clarified… although at the quantum level it is directly a chain of incredible events

  • Fujica ST901, SMC Asahi-Takumar 1,8/50mm+Super Takumar 135mm, Kodak GB 200-7, C41

the ordinary shot, half shot, double shot….

the opening photo is a classic… 35mm film in a medium format camera. When taking the second photo, I underestimated the speed of synchronization – I still like the photo. The third picture is a classic double exposure – my wife and a cup of coffee. Either she was coffee in a past life or she will be after reincarnation. Coffee and my wife are inseparable☕🙂🙃📷

  1. Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon 50mm, Fomapan F400, flash Metz
  2. Fujica ST901, Asahi Takumar 55mm, expired Fomapan N21(1982), flash Metz
  3. Canon EOS 500N, Canon 50mm, Fujifilm C200

To be or not to be…

To be, or not to be, that is the question….
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
No more…

Even a beginner mushroom picker can think in this way. To eat the mushroom or not to eat it. In this case it is the species Calvatia gigantea. Sometimes they grow in our garden and of course end up in the kitchen as a steak. It’s a delicacy. Unlike truffles, this mushroom can be eaten to your heart’s content. If the inside of the mushroom is white, I definitely recommend it to diversify the menu 🙂🙃📷🍽

Canon EOS 500N, STM Canon 1.8/50mm, Fujicolor C200 & Fujica ST901 Super-Takumar f 2,5/135mm, expired Fomapan N21 (1982),+1EV & Nikon D800, Nikkor 50mm(intro)

here in Eden…

here, in Eden, summer is slowly coming to an end. There won’t be any more hay this year, and lambs in thicker sweaters are running across the sky. An apples are ripening in the garden and Eve is still jealous of Lilith…🙂🙃📷

Canon EOS 500N, STM Canon 1.8/50mm, Fujicolor C200 & Fujica ST901 Super-Takumar f 2,5/135mm, expired Fomapan N21 (1982),+1EV

it was november 1982…

And one negative film left the production line, which arrived at my home after forty years. I got it at a auction for about two bucks. He waited a week for a sunny day in the camera. Such old negatives are suitable to be used either with a flash or on sunny days.The result exceeded my expectations. A friendly couple of adventurers allowed me to photograph them and their horses. I was a little worried that this 40’s old negative film would disappoint and embarrass me. Neither the film nor my old Fujica failed. It was a chance encounter and I only had a 135mm lens(yes, the Takumar with the destroyed front lens) with me. In the second camera I had a color Fujifilm C200. Although again I am comparing the incomparable, the winner is clear. 40 year old film.

Fujica ST901 Super-Takumar f 2,5/135mm, expired Fomapan N21 (1982),+1EV, & Canon EOS 500N, STM Camon 1.8/50mm, Fujicolor C200 (swith to BW)

the ordinary fallen plums…

a few ordinary analog photos in the usual place.

Cast: Plums, tin bucket, Pentacon Six TL-80mm Biometar, Acros 100II, oil, Fujica ST901- SMC Takumar 55mm, Fujifilm C200

Homo proponit, sed Natura disponit….

We have a dam 12 kilometers behind the house. It is our youngest dam and it ranks sixth in the country by the volume of retained water. It was completed in 1997 and was supposed to be completely filled by 2013. However, nature already managed to fill it with 218.7 million m³ of water in 1997 during huge floods.

Fujica ST 901 SMC Takumar 55mm+ Super Takumar 135mm + Fomapan F400 + Fomabrom C112 + Kodak Sepia Toner

the exhibition of silence…

The mix of framed analog photos from darkroom. Inspired by Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence.

Wet way – Neopan Acros 100II, Fomapan F400,+ FOMABROM 112 C

Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence

behind the fence…

Anything can be behind the fence. A treasure, a wreck, a flower… Sometimes we can find ourselves behind the fence too. Only we decide which side of the fence we stand on… Have You a wonderful day on the right side dears🌞📷🙃🙂

Leica R7, Nikon F50, Contax 159Quartz, Fujica ST901

outdoor atelier 3

Sometimes I feel like a little kid. All I need to play is a small shovel and… and few cameras🙃🙂📷

Pentacon Six, Flektogon Zebra 50mm+Biometar Zebra 80mm, Acros 100II and Fujica ST901, SMC Takumar 55mm, Fomapan F400

the hearts…

I always enjoy how when I point the lens somewhere, people usually immediately turn in the same direction. Maybe then they also noticed a heart in a tree for the first time in their lives

Samyang 135mm + tea filter(intro) + Yashica 50mm(Fujifilm 200)

the outdoor atelier…

I decided that my model would be an old tree stump. The opening screen shows a tree stump in a city park. The other images of one model are taken from the Ecce Homo turn of race, which is attractive to the spectators. I took pictures again with everything I had with me🙃🙂📷

SMC Takumar 55mm(Fomapan F400), Hoya HMC 35-105mm(Fujifilm 2000), Samyang 135mm(Nikon D800) and intro was taken by Samyang 135 + tea filter

the long exposures…

I didn’t want to sleep yesterday. I thought of taking a few pictures. I set up three cameras with different film sensitivities, pointed the lenses at the Polaris and opened the shutters. The opening image is Fomapan 400 exposed for 20 minutes. The second Fujifilm 200 image exposed for 30 minutes and the last image is the least sensitive Acros 100 II film,exposed for a full hour and a half. But since my vision is getting worse, I couldn’t focusing well. I would slap myself😠📷🌟.On the other hand, analog startrails are not very common. Two Perseids were also captured on the initial image – an experienced observer will spot them right away

Takumar 135mm+ Yashica 50mm+ Sonnar 180mm

Maybe yes…

I wondered if the location of the bins was ideal in terms of promoting healthy eating. But a little decadence can’t hurt…

Yashica 2/50mm, Fujifilm 200

And I’ll add a few ordinary shots.Despite the fact that the sky was gray and it looked like it would start raining at any moment, it did not detract from the colors and the BW photos got their atmosphere

Yashica 2/50mm, Fujifilm 200 & Super Takumar 2,5/135 (Yes, it is the one with the significantly damaged front lens)+red filter, Fomapan F400