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What are color filters…

for when using black and white negative films? Always only to increase the contrast. It is important to know how much EV the filter changes the exposure value.

Yellow filter + BW 120 Fomapan F400 Profiline

Red filter + BW Fomapan F400 footage

A fiery twister? Why not?

But not now. As I wrote in one of the previous posts, I decided to use one scroll for the daffodil flowering phase … in the morning, at noon and in the evening…

Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, macro tubes, Fuji PRO 400H, C41, scanning

B&W red filter 090 …

It certainly didn’t occur to anyone at the time that they would ever edit photos on computers. Photographers used color filters on their lenses. Nowadays, it is enough to move the gradation of any color in any editor. However, sometimes try attaching a color filter to the lens… You darken green, blue, and red on black-and-white negatives. You will get a contrasting post-apocalyptic atmosphere on the color negative.

Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, BW red filter 090, Kodak Portra 160, C41

in the spotlight …

and not as focused as DSLR shooting. But I don’t see as well anymore. This is what my world looks like, it’s not very focused and it has a shallow depth of field.

Pentacon Six, Biometar & Sonnar, Cinestill 800Tungsten, C41

another brick in the wall …

Pentacon six does not allow you to take a multi-exposure in any other way than to record what you shot on which field. After the first photo shoot, you have to rewind the scroll by hand again in complete darkness and you can take pictures again. The film shift may be slightly different from the first exposure. Even on this scroll, not everything was 100% OK, but a few pictures succeeded.

TV on the wall 😁Pentacon Six, 80mm Biometar, Cinestill 800Tungsten, C41, double exposure -1EV

Pink Floyd – Another bring in the wall

to be always online …

You basically see the young generation with their eyes down. The whole world fit into their cell phones. And there they looks at pictures of those who are looking around …

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, BW F100 expired 2004 and Kodak Ektar 100 & Leica R7 Vario Elmar 28-70mm F400 Action

game of God…

The spring sun shines beautifully. But the trees are still bare. I took advantage of the strong wind that blew in my back and let the dried leaves fly in front of the lens, which I threw into the air. It’s spring, but I said: ,,Let it be autumn … “

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, Kodak Portra 400, C41 Tetenal.

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

just a bench …

Another mix of analog photography. This time it’s about benches… Putin could have sat on such a bench and fed pigeons for a long time. Now only the dock is waiting for the old bastard.

Beautiful Sunday with Cinestill 800 Tungsten for You

Full analog process, CZ Pentacon Six, CZ Sonnar MC , CZ Biometar, Cinestill 800T, Tetenal C41

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

when I was small…

I sometimes had a snack on this table. Maybe my father … I have to ask him. I’d rather take a picture of before someone destroying the table.

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, Kodak Portra 400, Tetenal C41

be a famous municipal house…

It used to be a house full of fragrance. There used to be a municipal laundry on the ground floor. Two families lived on the upper floor. Laundry and medicinal herbs were dried on the attic. When I took pictures of this old house, I asked the girls who secretly smoke there if they knew it was a famous house. Out of decency, they replied that they knew of his fame. But they did not know what made this house famous. I told them I went to this house to see my grandmother. They laughed, and I was glad they might remember that this house was once beautiful and fragrant. He was full of life. Those who have decided the fate of this house will never reach to be remembered with love, as is remembered of this house.

mix of digital and analog photos (Nikon and Pentacon Six)