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Many years ago, an excellent photographer made me laugh. I asked me: Are you a Nikonist?
What am I? – I asked.
Nikonist. I see you have Nikon on your neck …
But I have a Fujica in my hand … and I have a Canon and a Leica in my bag. And I have a Pentacon in the car. So I don’t think I’m a Nikonist – I answered. I just like to take photos …. I’m loyal to the Pentax brand – and he showed me the beautiful K1.
I am loyal to this woman and I showed him a photo of my wife … 🙂

ISO 25600

be a friend …

Jiří Havrda is a benchpress icon. Jirka is a five-time world champion, a three-time professional world champion. Olympia Champion, World Cup winner, multiple European champion. And he’s basically the only person I call every day because he loves fun, chocolate and honor.