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the other world…

We know more about some space objects than we do about what lies beneath the surface of the water here on Earth. It is the closest, other world where, as with space objects, we most often photograph the surface.🙃📷

  • Contax 139Q, Yashica 135mm, Fomapan F400
  • Yashica FR, Super Maginon 28-85, Fomapan F400

instant mood…

a few pictures from Sunday’s trip among people.Too bad we had to return home in the evening. But I shot until the last bit of light my cameras could capture.🙃📷

  • Yashica FR, Super Maginon 28-85mm, Fomapan F400
  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 50mm, Fomapan F400

under the bridge…

A few shots from expired film(1982) Fomapan N30. This film was obviously very poorly stored.Nevertheless, thanks to its damage, it was possible to produce several thematic photos.The more successful pictures are already taken on new film, but on a partially functional Yashica FR with a small damage to the front member of the lens.🙃📷

  • Contax 139Q, Yashica 50mm, expired Fomapan N30(1982)
  • Yashica FR, Super Maginon G 28-85mm, Fomapan F400

the fallen in the fall…

Autumn leaves are probably only enjoyed by children and photographers. The painter will paint it even in winter🙃📷

  • Contax 139Q, Yashica 50mm, Fomapan N30 expired 1982
  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 50mm, Fomapan F400

few ordinary shots…

It is true that you can take pictures in black and white even in very bad weather. Unfortunately, my mood is very strongly influenced by the weather. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures on Sunday.🙂🙃📷

  • Canon EOS 500N, Canon 50mm+Sigma 17-35mm, Kodak GB 200-7, C41

That Helios again….

Yesterday, in despair, I drove down from our hills due to bad weather. The webcam of the destination city did not offer any better weather. But miraculously, half an hour after our arrival, the sky brightened up and offered me beautiful urban autumn colors. It seems that if I want to see beautiful colorful leaves, I have to leave our nature and go to the city. I took several cameras with me, two with black and white negatives and two with color. Even though the Helios 44-2 was the oldest lens I took with me, it definitely took the nicest pictures.🙃📷

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak GB 200-7, C41 Tetenal

Analog street…

the more I try to find the positive in everyday life, the more I feel like everything is going in the wrong direction. It could use more good news…or at least one.I don’t want to turn water into wine, but to turn bad news into good…

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2 , Kodak GB200-7, C41,(intro-two shots merged)
  • Canon EOS 500N, Canon 50mm+Sigma 17-35+adapter, Kodak GB200-7, C41


According to our calendar, today is a Michaelmas holiday💕. A fortnight ago, while rummaging through my tools, I discovered undeveloped VX200 film. I had no idea what was on it. I used the C41 process and was hoping to get some photos of it with the scanner. We figured it was taken on some Olympus compact my wife was using at the time(2006)🙂🙃📷

  • kompact Olympus?, VX200, C41+postprocess LR

don’t let me down ….

I don’t believe in stairs that lead down from heaven.These ordinary stairs lead to a small stage in our park. No superstar has ever attempted this staircase.But it’s a pitty. If this staircase is good enough for me to take a picture, it will definitely be good for all the superstars. For one of the most famous performances, the Beatles had to do with the ordinary roof of the house🙂🙃📷

  • Nikon D800, MF Samyang 135mm
  • Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 50mm, Fomapan N30 exp.1982 -push process

few analog shots and jazz…

Sometimes, when I’m not taking pictures, I’ll find some drum track on Youtube, then take my old bass guitar and record some crap for fun 😉🎸🎶🥁📷

  • Praktica BC1+CZ 20mm+adapter+ Fomapan N30 exp.1982(intro)
  • Pentacon Six + 50mm Flektogon+80mm Biometar+macro tubec + Neopan Acros 100II + Kodak GB200-7

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under the roof…

During yesterday’s walk in our park, I sat for a while under the roof of the gazebo🙂🙃📷

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak GB 200-7, C41(intro)
  • Leicar R7, VE 28-70mm, Fomapan 400
  • Nikon D800, Samyang 14mm+IR-filter, rotate

behind the “ordinary” white birch…

beautiful colors can be found. I put the word ordinary in quotation marks. Birch is perhaps my favorite tree. Maybe because it’s black and white and with leaves it’s colorful🙃🙂📷

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak GB200-7, C41

a shutter canvas….

In the previous post(Zenit E), you may have noticed the bright spots in the two photos. This effect is caused by damage to the shutter canvas. This means that the canvas transmits light to the negative. Even in home conditions, the repair is very quick and anyone can do it. An ordinary black shoe cream is enough for this. I gently coated the damaged canvas with this cream on both sides, then waited for everything to soak into the canvas. Then I tried the shutter several times at all speeds, cleaned the inside of the camera and blew it out with compressed air.Then all you had to do was insert the film and start shooting. These old cameras that do not need any battery to operate are simply magical.

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak BG 200-7, C41