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Rainy weekend….

It was foggy and rainy all weekend. This is a weather I don’t go to much. So I just walked past the table in our garden. In addition, F1 was on TV so I spent the day watching TV. Nevertheless, I aimed the lens at one cobweb in the morning. And in the evening, when I went to take out the trash can, I was attracted by the light of the streetlights in the fog…🙂🙃📷 I wish everyone a beautiful and sunny week🌞🤗

Nikon D800, MF Samyang 135mm + CZ MC Sonnar 180mm+adapter

analog of Jared

So I finally managed to talk Jared into trying analog photography again. He is still afraid of messing it up. I told him that all he should do with the black and white photo is try to fill the area with what he is photographing. For cropping, some negative films are not suitable at all due to graininess. But otherwise let him take pictures of what he wants and how he wants. So, yesterday, at the windmill, he took analog photos for the second time in his life. I developed and scanned the film for him. The post-process in LR went quite well for him. The last photo was taken when I told him to take a picture of the landscape from a moving car with a longer shutter speed. After coloring(in Neural), it gave a hint of the photographer’s impressionism🙂🙃📷 I think he might enjoy the analog process…

Nikon F50, Sigma 2.8/ 17-35mm, Fomapan F400


The term singularity brings to mind some hard-to-imagine event. So I will offer you one form of singularity. They’re just ordinary pictures again… but I was the master of time🙂🙃📷⏳

Nikon D800, Nikkor 1,4/50, Sigma 2.8/17-35mm

The ordinary shots …

Always (that is, at least most of the time) the entire negative is filled with images. At the beginning and at the end of it, there is always a piece of space where nothing could be photographed. So I made a smiley face on that piece with a marker. The following few photos are taken during a trip to the hills in our area🙂🙃📷

Nikon F50, Sigma f2.8/17-35mm, Nikkor f1,4/50mm, Fomapan F400

I’ll start from the end…

It was beautiful there. No ice cream, no wifi, no internet. This is what our short trip to beautiful nature looked like. Before I develop the films and find out what I took, I’ll bore you with the photos I took with a Nikon DSLR and four lenses. I estimate about 400 total acceptable images. And don’t worry… I’m not going to put them all here at once 🙂🙃📷

another stone age …

A few pictures from yesterday’s trip. The temperature was around 35°C and I had a backpack with more than 10kg of cameras and lenses on my back. They wanted to go on a trip with me. And we’ll start with pebbles…🙂🙃📷🥳

Pentacon Six TL, MC Sonnar 180mm, Biometar 80mm Zebra, Nikon, Ilfor HP5Plus & D800, Nikkor 50mm

from campus to university and back …

a couple of black and white photos taken while waiting for Jared.

Fujifilm Across II 100(Pentacon Six TL) + Fomapan F400 footage(rangefinder Zorki 4)

Watch out!!! He’s coming …

Birds say that when I try to approach discreetly with the camera. Although each species speaks a different language, it understands. I’m absolutely sure of that…. black redstart just whistled and they disappeared with the tit.

Phoenicurus ochruros, D800, MF Samyang 135mm

Yesterday …

I managed quite a lot … from the mentioned celebration, through the exhibition of old cars and motorcycles and finally the absolutely overwhelming exhibition of the most popular contemporary Czech photographer Jan Saudek. He was never afraid to go beyond what the majority population considered acceptable. His compositions are beautiful. Technical design perfect. If I found enough courage, like Jan Saudek, I would pull one camera out of my bag at the exhibition and take a picture of his work. I did not find the courage and only humbly stared like a amateur. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the exhibition with his photographs, be sure not to miss it. It’s a huge difference to view his work on a monitor or in real life.

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

chi mai …

Today, on a slightly hectic day (with regard to my laziness), I took a few photos at the son’s graduation ceremony. Great musicians. Great music. Great son.

Monochrome Nikon D800, CZ Planar 1.4/50mm

Ennio Morricone – Chi mai

the old well …

Canon EOS 500N, Canon 1.8/ 50mm STM, Fomapan F400 footage + Nikon D50, Sigma 17-35mm, Superia 400 + D800 (intro)

The opening image consists of two images. I only had a 135mm lens with me on DSLR Nikon. So that the whole cage of the well and the roofs of the house was in the shot, I solved it by merging two shots.

Canon EOS 500N

Nikon D50

All shades of gray II …

I’ll add a few DSLR images before the negatives dry. Every one of my pictures carries a story. In the morning, I was fascinated by a fountain in a small town about twenty kilometers from my house. The problem was that the moment I chose the composition, the fountain always changed the force of the water flow. I’m sure someone was standing by the fountain’s remote, having a lot of fun 😁📷