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few ordinary DSLR shots….

The weather was so nasty that I really didn’t want to do anything at all. Temperatures in the morning are already dropping to 0°C. Well, at least the rain has stopped… apparently it will start snowing very soon this year.At least it was time to search the blogs a bit and read a lot of interesting articles…👀🖥

  • Nikon D800, Nikkor f 1,4/50mm (anthurium shots with snap snoot and diffuser) cropp


The term singularity brings to mind some hard-to-imagine event. So I will offer you one form of singularity. They’re just ordinary pictures again… but I was the master of time🙂🙃📷⏳

Nikon D800, Nikkor 1,4/50, Sigma 2.8/17-35mm

to be wet …

A person can be wet for many reasons. It is always, but fair if the photographer is wet too 🙃🙂📷🌊 And it was hot…

Nikon F50, 50+135mm Fujifilm 200 & Pentacon Six, 80+180mm, Acros100II+Ilford HP5 Plus & Nikon D800 (Imtro)

More photos in gallery Portrait of..

hell of a job…

At least that’s what this ledge-climbing robot claims(In fact, his random soliloquy is far harsher). Every time I walk by, I forget about him. And they always surprise me…again and again. His tidbits about work are funny. It is installed on the building of the Museum of Art in Olomouc.

Fujica ST901, Super Takumar f2,5/135 + red filter, Fomapan F400

If I write….

… in a post that I enjoyed taking photos the day before, there is a real possibility that I will too many posts with too many photos… 😁📷

Yashica 50mm(Fujifilm 200) + Takumar135mm(Fomapan F400)

shot -> edit -> art

A while ago I had to go and hide at home because of the afternoon rain. I selected one image from the previous negative and edited it in the LR editor after scanning. I really liked the circles created by the individual lens groups in the lens…

Fujica ST901, Takumar 1.8/55, BW Acros 100II, Kodak TMax professional 1:4 -> scan as color negative -> Adobe LR

Breadline …

A few older pictures from the places where the lost generation spent their youth. Who is to blame? We? Society? Company? They? Inspired by Megadeth – Breadline

Columns and straw….

All I need for a feeling of happiness is a camera, any lens and a piece of negative.

Pentacon Six TL, 50mm Flektogon, Acros 100 II+ D800, MF 135mm Samyang

color double exposure …

One of my friends loves beer … he always amuses me when he says: The world is so beautiful, so why not see it twice 😉📷📷.I sometimes use the second exposure to complete the photo with bokeh

Cinestil 800 Tungsten, Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 50mm, C41

Lubitel 166B …

It was 1980 and at Christmas I got my first camera from my parents. Twin lens reflex camera. It is plastic, but every photographer knows that an interesting photo can be taken with a keyhole. I put the film Fujifilm Acros 100II (exp.12 / 2021) into it and after 36 years I pressed the trigger on it again. 😁📷

Double exposure, Lubitel 166B, Acros 100II, Kodal TMax Professional