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the fallen in the fall…

Autumn leaves are probably only enjoyed by children and photographers. The painter will paint it even in winter🙃📷

  • Contax 139Q, Yashica 50mm, Fomapan N30 expired 1982
  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 50mm, Fomapan F400

few ordinary shots…

It is true that you can take pictures in black and white even in very bad weather. Unfortunately, my mood is very strongly influenced by the weather. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures on Sunday.🙂🙃📷

  • Canon EOS 500N, Canon 50mm+Sigma 17-35mm, Kodak GB 200-7, C41

That Helios again….

Yesterday, in despair, I drove down from our hills due to bad weather. The webcam of the destination city did not offer any better weather. But miraculously, half an hour after our arrival, the sky brightened up and offered me beautiful urban autumn colors. It seems that if I want to see beautiful colorful leaves, I have to leave our nature and go to the city. I took several cameras with me, two with black and white negatives and two with color. Even though the Helios 44-2 was the oldest lens I took with me, it definitely took the nicest pictures.🙃📷

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak GB 200-7, C41 Tetenal

one moment in time…

The weather forecast did not come true. The days were dark again with cold rain. Only yesterday around lunchtime, after 14 long days, pieces of blue sky appeared and I found the desire to shoot one moment in time again.

  • Nikon D800, Sigma 17-35mm, Samyang 135mm, LR

autumn is here…

The weather is supposed to be nice in our area, so hope I will be able to take some nice photos in the still same places (even my English is definitely an experience for you 😁) 🙂🙃📷

  • Leica R7, VE 28-70mm, Fomapan 400
  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2+ macro tubes, Kodak GB 200-7, C41
  • Nikon D800, Helios 44-2 + adapter(intro)

The sun came out…

… and you can even see the blue sky. After more than three weeks of dark, very cold days
and persistent rain that seemed to never end. I don’t like days like this. It’s like watching the News 24 hours a day full of bad news. But yesterday the clouds parted and the Sun confirmed its existence… And now is the perfect time to finish shooting the film😉🙂🙃📷

  • Fujica ST 901, Takumar 55mm+macrotubes+ Helios 44-2+, Kodak GB200-7

the sky is gray…

like the facade of our house. Let’s hope for a few more sunny days. Soothing autumn colors appear only in the Sun.

  • Fujica ST901, Super Takumar 2,5/135mm+Helios 44-2, Kodak GB200-7, C41
    • Contax 139 Quartz, Maginon Serie G 3,5/ 28-85mm, Fomapan F400, Kodak professional