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a fake rain caused the rain

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. And I really wanted to take pictures of water drops on an umbrella. I sprinkled water on my umbrella and took some pictures. And within ten minutes it started to rain. So I’d rather not try it with a burning umbrella 🤔😉

Leica R7, VE 70-200mm, Superia 400, C41, switch to BW

© Mic RazDva.net . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

With 35mm camera to and from the forest

Today I was checking if the forest is still where it was last year. I only took three cameras with me today 🤡📷F50, 📷D800 and📷139Quartz.

Nikon F50, Samyang 14 and 135mm + Sigma 17-35mm, Fomapan F400 footage

everyday ordinary photos

mix ordinary shots of analog and DSLR ( I was nowhere to be today and I didn’t take any pictures because we decided to to be in bed all day 😁)

The interim report

Daffodil flowers still do not have open flowers. And every day I choose a flower for a medium format. Nevertheless, when there is a film loaded on 35mm cameras, I will not forgive myself for taking a photo

35mm Yashica (BW) & 35mm Contax 139Quartz (color)

the personal Everglades…

Florida is really far from us, so in the morning I go to a valley where beavers have created a beautiful piece of wildlife. Only those crocodiles are not here..

Yashica FR + Contax 139 Quartz, F400 Action + Superia 400

a roof

About 150 meters from the house I have a small shop. Nevertheless, as a real fool, I always walk with a camera. And there is still something to take pictures on the way to that little shop …

Expired Fomapan F21 (1989), Nikon F50, 135mm

good old handmade…

Even today, many things cannot be made by pressing a magic button. Usually, however, new things suffer from short-livedness. Above the entrance to the office hangs a beautiful old wrought iron lamp. If no one steals the lamp, it will be there for a really long time. Like my negatives in the vault….

The good old analog process, Leica R7 VE 28-70mm, F400 Action

© Mic RazDva.net . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

to be always online …

You basically see the young generation with their eyes down. The whole world fit into their cell phones. And there they looks at pictures of those who are looking around …

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, BW F100 expired 2004 and Kodak Ektar 100 & Leica R7 Vario Elmar 28-70mm F400 Action