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The church II …

Last week I wrote to you about one of our churches. There is also a stained glass window in one of the photos, which reminded me of the story about the storm and the wedding. I have never seen a stained glass window with a grid in the shape of lightning bolts before. So below I am adding some photos from yesterday’s early evening walk…

Pentacon Six(MC Sonnar 180mm) + Fujica ST901 (Takumar 55mm)

The church.

We have two churches here. I read about one of them decades ago that something strange happened once during a wedding ceremony. The article said that everyone in the church was convinced that a big storm had started outside. They were surprised to find that no one outside knew of any storm….When I tried to check with my parents and grandparents, no one knew this story. And I stopped thinking about it. It could just as well have been one church, or the other church, or neither….But I noticed something interesting on one of them yesterday. Unfortunately the light was on the other side and the photo would have been lousy… I’m sure I already know it was this church. I’ll try to find out at the rectory if they know anything more…Maybe this event is older than what was written in the article🤔

Leica R7, VE 70-200,Fomapan F400+ Nikon D800,14mm