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spring makes offspring

As soon as the ice in the swamp had melted, its surroundings turned into a reservoir of new lives. Old dead species from the plant kingdom give space to the animal kingdom. And the animal kind will return it to the plant species.

Full analog process, F60 and 139Q 35+50+135mm, F400 Action

be Water ranger …

mix of analog & digital from yesterday. This stone bear guards the spring of the best water in the world (according me). He is my hero just like half a century ago. Our village is closely connected with bears. We also have a bear named Moravsky Beroun, since 1910 (Moravian Bear). In the years 1869-1910, the town was still called Beroun (Bear). In the park where I took pictures yesterday, there is still a bear enclosure to this day. The last two who lived here(Jiskra and Batul) were shot in 1970 after the tragedy they caused.

The bear enclosure

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