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The perforated colors of ordinary places…

Color film in a medium format camera is always a big unknown for me. I don’t have a grid in the viewfinder, according to which I could know for 100% that everything I want to be in the photo will be in the photo. It’s very funny. Shooting from hand-held vertically is then a real experience. I hope you will like them 🙃📷🙂

Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Kodak GB 200-7, Tetenal

quick lesson…

last night my son showed me some photos on Instagram. He was very interested in how the photographer did it. So I showed him a very quick trick on how to achieve the same result. Of course, this is not a technique that can be used in documentary. It’s a technique for creative photographers. Feel free to cover the lens with your fingers, or use transparent adhesive tape, paper with several holes, grease the filter with vaseline (I use lard). The son was surprised how quickly the desired effect can be achieved without subsequent editing.Just be creative….😉📷🖼.

Don’t be afraid to experiment 📷

Don’t be afraid to be creative. It has never been easier to do multi-exposures than in the DSLR era. You will create interesting images without any editing. The world through your eyes. It takes longer to write two sentences about a multi-exposure than to take a picture of them.