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few shots…

One of the photos caught my eye already on the negative when I took it out of the fixer… I spent a while trying to remember where I took the picture 🙂📷🙃🌞

  • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Kodak GB 200-7(intro)
    • Pentacon Six TL, Flektogon Zebra 50mm, Ilford HP5 Plus
  • Contax 159 Quartz,Yashica DSB 135mm, Kodak GB 200-7

The rainmaker…

Can you cause rain? On such hot days, rain would be like living water. But it’s not raining and it probably won’t rain right away. That’s why I created the illusion of rain using double exposure. The first exposure is just a shot of a flowering clover and camera movement. This way you can at least let it raining anywhere in the photo ….

D800 + Nikkor f1.4/50mm

color double exposure …

One of my friends loves beer … he always amuses me when he says: The world is so beautiful, so why not see it twice 😉📷📷.I sometimes use the second exposure to complete the photo with bokeh

Cinestil 800 Tungsten, Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 50mm, C41