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Maybe yes…

I wondered if the location of the bins was ideal in terms of promoting healthy eating. But a little decadence can’t hurt…

Yashica 2/50mm, Fujifilm 200

And I’ll add a few ordinary shots.Despite the fact that the sky was gray and it looked like it would start raining at any moment, it did not detract from the colors and the BW photos got their atmosphere

Yashica 2/50mm, Fujifilm 200 & Super Takumar 2,5/135 (Yes, it is the one with the significantly damaged front lens)+red filter, Fomapan F400

Breadline …

A few older pictures from the places where the lost generation spent their youth. Who is to blame? We? Society? Company? They? Inspired by Megadeth – Breadline

a few more …

… usable pictures from Monday’s walk. In the old sand pit, I was particularly interested in the structure of charred or thrown wooden logs in the hearth. My attempts to photograph a few butterflies failed miserably. The butterfly always flew away before I focused 📷🙂

Leica R7, VE 75-200mm, Fomapan F400 footage, Kodak TMax 1:4

the old well …

Canon EOS 500N, Canon 1.8/ 50mm STM, Fomapan F400 footage + Nikon D50, Sigma 17-35mm, Superia 400 + D800 (intro)

The opening image consists of two images. I only had a 135mm lens with me on DSLR Nikon. So that the whole cage of the well and the roofs of the house was in the shot, I solved it by merging two shots.

Canon EOS 500N

Nikon D50

analog panorama…

Surely you have tried to take a picture of panorama of a landscape. You then combine the few images into a panorama in a program. You get a wonderful wide angle shot of high quality. Today, thanks to the software, it is just as easy even for analog images.

I took the following four pictures by hand, without a tripod.

I scanned the negative and merged it in Lightroom program. Of course, it was obvious that I did not take a picture from a tripod. The important thing is that the perspective is not distorted in any way.

Then I cropped the image … added the sky in PS. And the panorama of the agricultural silo in the resolution of 15698 x 6159 pixels was in the world. It’s not a masterpiece, but the fact that it’s taken with a $ 20 camera is not a bad result. If you do mind that in some of your photos, the buildings are distorted because you don’t have a Tilt Shift lens … you can easily make a panorama and everything will be pretty straight 📷

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art mirroring

it’s the easiest way. After the first exposure, you turn the camera upside down and take the second exposure. Today was bad weather so the result is not quite top

Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 1,4/50mm , F400, double-exposure

The interim report

Daffodil flowers still do not have open flowers. And every day I choose a flower for a medium format. Nevertheless, when there is a film loaded on 35mm cameras, I will not forgive myself for taking a photo

35mm Yashica (BW) & 35mm Contax 139Quartz (color)

Sun against lenses…

A set of photos taken on Leica, Flexaret (II-VII), Nikon cameras.

© Mic RazDva.net . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.