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That Helios again….

Yesterday, in despair, I drove down from our hills due to bad weather. The webcam of the destination city did not offer any better weather. But miraculously, half an hour after our arrival, the sky brightened up and offered me beautiful urban autumn colors. It seems that if I want to see beautiful colorful leaves, I have to leave our nature and go to the city. I took several cameras with me, two with black and white negatives and two with color. Even though the Helios 44-2 was the oldest lens I took with me, it definitely took the nicest pictures.🙃📷

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2, Kodak GB 200-7, C41 Tetenal

caliber 14mm is great…

by changing the perspective, it gives ordinary and a thousand times photographed things another new dimension. Every photographer should have in its equipment a lens with a focal length of 14mm. 14mm is not a fisheye lens.

Full analog process. Nikon F60 (that’s the camera in the price of two boxescigaret) MF Samyang 14mm and F400Action footage…

time for maintenance …

The weather really doesn’t want to be photographed outside for a few weeks in a row. Therefore, it is not harmful to carry out preventive maintenance of cameras, lenses and flashes from time to time. Especially older devices like to stop working properly in the winter. And because I really like to take photos of old devices, there is enough work.

If you are a skilled individual, doing deeper maintenance on a manual lens is not a problem.If you do not have a technical lens drawing, take a picture of each step. For new lenses, do not perform such maintenance without experience.

Do the same when disassembling and assembling the cameras. The photos from the mobile phone will then tell you where the part belongs.