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Do you like black and white photography?

This short article is not intended for analog enthusiasts who master the perfectly “wet” path of creating black and white photography. It is intended for owners of digital SLR cameras who are just discovering the magic of black and white photos. If you still feel that your black and white photo is missing something, I can definitely recommend the Silver Efex Pro program from Nik Collection. The program can beautifully simulate the use of basic color filters. It has several basic presets in its libraries in which you will see what your black and white photo can look like. The program is comparable in price to the price of one high-quality color filter. I personally follow the only rule that my classmate’s father, Mr. Daněk, told me. The rule is: black and white photography has no rules. With one exception and that is composition. You don’t have to wait for the gold or blue hour when taking black and white photos. You just take a camera and take pictures.

Ordinary shot from DSLR Nikon D800, processed using Silver Efex Pro

in cold blood ….

Placing any point in the golden ratio will force the observer to beholder what you want them to watch. Something makes you look at places that are not interesting at all. The magic of the golden ratio.

Canon EOS 500N, Canob 1,7/50mm STM, Fomapan F400 footage

art mirroring

it’s the easiest way. After the first exposure, you turn the camera upside down and take the second exposure. Today was bad weather so the result is not quite top

Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 1,4/50mm , F400, double-exposure

using ND filters will make your job easier…

ND filters help you remove shiny spots on your nose and forehead when portraiture. Thanks to ND filters, you will use the long times when photographing waterfalls, running water and clouds in the sky. Thanks to ND filters, you don’t have to sit at the PC over the editor for a long time and think about what you will make of the photo😉📷

VFFoto ND64 & cherry blossoms and catkins against the morning sun.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment 📷

Don’t be afraid to be creative. It has never been easier to do multi-exposures than in the DSLR era. You will create interesting images without any editing. The world through your eyes. It takes longer to write two sentences about a multi-exposure than to take a picture of them.

The first negative film…

Yesterday, I managed to put an analog camera in my son’s hand for the first time. I explained the basic principle to him … yes, it’s really not just about pressing a button. … and I taught him and taught him. When we got there, I found out that I didn’t put film in my camera (well, karma :D). Yes to him. Fortunately, I still had the D800 with the manual Biometar with me. I think he liked the analog photo shoot … so at least he told me he was already looking forward to developing his film

Jared’s first analog shots …Leica R4, VE 28-70 & VE 75 – 200mm, F400 footage