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I use photo flashes and studio lights a lot. But most often I use a small but powerful hand flashlight. It is great, for example, for photographing portraits in the backlight It is waterproof, fits in your pocket and, if necessary, often helps not only when taking photos.

2… 6… 0… OK

Last night, on a car trip, I said to my son Jared: “Take a camera in your hand and just take a picture.” Fortunately, I forgot to turn off multi-exposure. He certainly won’t win the Pulitzer Award, but …. 😁📷

smoke on the table …

You may know the episode Donald Duck watching the rising sun through the window in the morning and looking forward to playing golf. Like me, he was always driven back into the house in bad weather. So I spent the day cooking, loading the negatives into cassettes, and playing with the light…

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