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art mirroring

it’s the easiest way. After the first exposure, you turn the camera upside down and take the second exposure. Today was bad weather so the result is not quite top

Contax 139 Quartz, Yashica 1,4/50mm , F400, double-exposure

Don’t be afraid to experiment 📷

Don’t be afraid to be creative. It has never been easier to do multi-exposures than in the DSLR era. You will create interesting images without any editing. The world through your eyes. It takes longer to write two sentences about a multi-exposure than to take a picture of them.

BW multiexposure…

Multiple exposures taken with an analog device are quite expensive. Lots of irreversible mistakes can be made during the photo shoot. But if all goes well, you will get an inimitable result.

Full analog process. Contax 139 Quartz, lens combination Yashica 50mm & Hoya 35-105mm, F400 Action footage, multiexposure.