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the ordinary BW shots…

Before it makes sense to heat the studio for any meaningful spending money on analog photography, I shoot just for fun at home in the living room.But the sun came out today, so maybe there will be an opportunity or an idea to take pictures outside🙃📷

  • D800, MF Carl Zeiss 50mm ZF 2

There were four sunny days ….

…since the beginning of September.The weather is really bad. I’m trying to think of something interesting to photograph in the studio, but I can’t do it very well. That’s why when I have to go down from our hills to the store for some heating, I only take my DSLR. I experimented with using high ISO values to make the resulting images look as analog as possible, without any editing in the editor. Hope you like some pictures 🙃📷

  • Nikon D800, Nikkor 50mm+ Samyang 135mm

one moment in time…

The weather forecast did not come true. The days were dark again with cold rain. Only yesterday around lunchtime, after 14 long days, pieces of blue sky appeared and I found the desire to shoot one moment in time again.

  • Nikon D800, Sigma 17-35mm, Samyang 135mm, LR

Jared and the mirror…

It takes about 15 minutes to create such images with a DSLR, including post-processing. Maybe that’s why I prefer analog. I have to enjoy it a bit and experience a bit of waiting for the result🙂🙃📷

  • Nikon D800, Sigma f 2.8/17-35mm, LR

more photos in gallery Portrait of…


A new image has appeared in our home gallery. Whenever my daughter asked me what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always wanted a picture from her💖🖌🎨🖼🙃🙂📷

  • Nikon F50, Nikkor 1,4/50mm, Fomapan F400

Rainy weekend….

It was foggy and rainy all weekend. This is a weather I don’t go to much. So I just walked past the table in our garden. In addition, F1 was on TV so I spent the day watching TV. Nevertheless, I aimed the lens at one cobweb in the morning. And in the evening, when I went to take out the trash can, I was attracted by the light of the streetlights in the fog…🙂🙃📷 I wish everyone a beautiful and sunny week🌞🤗

Nikon D800, MF Samyang 135mm + CZ MC Sonnar 180mm+adapter

analog of Jared

So I finally managed to talk Jared into trying analog photography again. He is still afraid of messing it up. I told him that all he should do with the black and white photo is try to fill the area with what he is photographing. For cropping, some negative films are not suitable at all due to graininess. But otherwise let him take pictures of what he wants and how he wants. So, yesterday, at the windmill, he took analog photos for the second time in his life. I developed and scanned the film for him. The post-process in LR went quite well for him. The last photo was taken when I told him to take a picture of the landscape from a moving car with a longer shutter speed. After coloring(in Neural), it gave a hint of the photographer’s impressionism🙂🙃📷 I think he might enjoy the analog process…

Nikon F50, Sigma 2.8/ 17-35mm, Fomapan F400


The term singularity brings to mind some hard-to-imagine event. So I will offer you one form of singularity. They’re just ordinary pictures again… but I was the master of time🙂🙃📷⏳

Nikon D800, Nikkor 1,4/50, Sigma 2.8/17-35mm