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What are color filters…

for when using black and white negative films? Always only to increase the contrast. It is important to know how much EV the filter changes the exposure value.

Yellow filter + BW 120 Fomapan F400 Profiline

Red filter + BW Fomapan F400 footage

the old concrete bathtub

from my unpublished photos. It’s a bathtub that I still remember when it stood in an old laundry room from the 1920s. Incredibly cold water flowed there.

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Carl Zeiss 50,80,180mm, Kodak Portra 400

The fulfilled wishes…

My beloved wife had a modest wish yesterday. She wanted new pictures with old cameras on the wall. The introductory picture was just such an attempt if the camera still works … taken with a Flexaret II camera from 1947. The other two pictures are already taken on a DSLR

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be in sneakers …

Your head is definitely more important than your sneakers. What is important is what is in the head and what is in the shoes. Everything else is just a cover.

The first two shots are for the Fomapan 100 films, which expired in 2004. I like to take pictures on expired films. They can be bought at auctions quite cheaply and contain far more silver than current super-quality films. Yesterday, one such film enjoyed its 5 minutes of fame. Full analog Pull process.

The following images are already taken on a DSLR. It seemed to me that interesting pictures could be taken with white sneakers and a black background.

© Mic RazDva.net . All photos are my own.
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I was a tree …

I died of old age, succumbed to disease, I was planted, even uprooted, I succumbed to disasters, I was often defeated, but you a man, full of pride, you are never have not won over me. You need me. But I don’t need You…. Sincerely Your Tree.

I was a tree and I’ll be here again when you’re gone…

© Mic RazDva.net . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

Battle DSLR vs. SLR II

From time to time, I take the same photos a few times, with different cameras, to see if I can buy more used and functional second-hand cameras. Well, I’ll probably buy them all the time. It will definitely not be for the exhibition, but maybe someone will ask: Will you take a picture of me with the old camera too?

Battle of DSLR (full frame) vs SLR(medium format)

Another of my attempts to compare the incomparable. Both devices were equipped with manual lenses Carl Zeiss Jena. The photo was taken almost at noon (it disadvantaged the SLR with ISO 400). I always take pictures in fully manual mode. Judge the result for yourself. The first image shows the raw color output from the DSLR. The second image is identical only in monochrome mode and basic adjustments. The third image is an analog monochrome medium format (with a long path of developing, developer tempering, rinsing, drying, and final negative scanning). They forgot that photographing a beautiful terrain unevenness at noon is nonsense … the SLR still comes out of that fight with honor. In short, you have just only “one shot” and show what you can do. 📷📷📷