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Don’t be afraid to experiment 📷

Don’t be afraid to be creative. It has never been easier to do multi-exposures than in the DSLR era. You will create interesting images without any editing. The world through your eyes. It takes longer to write two sentences about a multi-exposure than to take a picture of them.

The first negative film…

Yesterday, I managed to put an analog camera in my son’s hand for the first time. I explained the basic principle to him … yes, it’s really not just about pressing a button. … and I taught him and taught him. When we got there, I found out that I didn’t put film in my camera (well, karma :D). Yes to him. Fortunately, I still had the D800 with the manual Biometar with me. I think he liked the analog photo shoot … so at least he told me he was already looking forward to developing his film

Jared’s first analog shots …Leica R4, VE 28-70 & VE 75 – 200mm, F400 footage


Analog forever…

Tomorrow will finally be time to meet professionals and true analog photography enthusiasts. I’ve been invited several times, but something always went wrong and I couldn’t attend.I apologized in advance that I don’t own a large format device, so I’ll only arrive with my medium format Pentacon Six. So tomorrow will be marked by large-format photography, combined with the presentation of his own work. So I spent today selecting and producing photos taken with a 100% analog process. Maybe they will like some of the photos. Keep your fingers crossed for good luck …

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