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Modus ponendo ponens…

The relationship between light and shadow does not need to be clarified… although at the quantum level it is directly a chain of incredible events

  • Fujica ST901, SMC Asahi-Takumar 1,8/50mm+Super Takumar 135mm, Kodak GB 200-7, C41

a bit of physics…

In the course of cleaning up after storms, I noticed a large number of twig ends lying on the ground. I wondered: How much force could overcome the modulus of elasticity of these twigs? So I re-uploaded the captured video to the Camtasia editor and tried to find some hail where I could follow the trajectory until impact. I found out that the hail covered a path of about 3 m in about 0.03 sec. Which is a speed of 100 m/s, or 359.9 km/h. So I could put the speed and weight of one hailstone 21g (I hid in the freezer as a keepsake) into the formula for calculating kinetic energy. The approximate energy of the hail just before impact was therefore 105J. The kinetic energy of a 9mm bullet ranges from 100-500J. I understood why even the ends of the branches didn’t stand a chance.

Is it possible to combine economics and physics?

A physico-economic experiment is now underway in Russia to verify the relationship between weight and value. This program is paid from the state budget of Russia. The goal is to prove that 1 ruble weighing 7.087375 g has the same economic value as 1 ton of rubles. They have already achieved tangible results this week. According to an unnamed source from Putin’s immediate neighborhood, this peace project is to try to maintain zero economic value at the same weight. All the countries of the world have emphasized that they will support Russian experts in this effort.