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Putin’s lesson of demagogy

A typical example of demagogy is Putin’s pretext for invading Ukraine. On the one hand, he says that Ukraine must not be a member of NATO, because the North Atlantic Alliance would be right on the border with Russia. On the other hand, it will send nuclear weapons to Belarus, which borders Poland. And Poland is a major member of NATO. He imposes a Stalinist system of life on the Russian people, but he lives like a Rothschild. So, in addition to being a liar and a coward, Putin is a hypocrite too. He reacts too aggressively to his own mistakes, of which he blames the entire planet. You’re as stupid as Hitler, cruel as Heydrich and cowardly as Himmler … and they all ended up infamous. History is ruthless and does not forgive. No act performed can be undone. Putin will end up like most dictators. He will be removed by his own man. Putin’s biggest enemy is Putin himself!