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so yesterday…

…I was finally able to start repairing the car. I ordered the necessary tools, a new windshield and turned the garden into a temporary car workshop. After removing the windshield, it started to rain. The bumblebees that made a nest under the old smokehouse disturbed me while I was working and posed on the blooms. I just had to pick up my camera…

The rainmaker…

Can you cause rain? On such hot days, rain would be like living water. But it’s not raining and it probably won’t rain right away. That’s why I created the illusion of rain using double exposure. The first exposure is just a shot of a flowering clover and camera movement. This way you can at least let it raining anywhere in the photo ….

D800 + Nikkor f1.4/50mm

Superia 400

Yesterday, so as not to get wet, I only photographed the objects I saw from under the umbrella we have in the garden. I often use the Fujicolor Superia 400. Although don’t really understand with purple color, I like to take pictures with it. You can make a black and white photo of it at any time.

Nikon F50, 135mm, Fujicolor Superia 400, C41 Tetenal color

into the arc …

The weather was really bad yesterday … the rain showers gradually turned into persistent rain. So I hid in the passage and waited. At home, I then apologized to my old cameras.

Leica R7. VE 28-70mm, Fomapan F400 footage

a fake rain caused the rain

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. And I really wanted to take pictures of water drops on an umbrella. I sprinkled water on my umbrella and took some pictures. And within ten minutes it started to rain. So I’d rather not try it with a burning umbrella 🤔😉

Leica R7, VE 70-200mm, Superia 400, C41, switch to BW

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