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thru and behind…

I was wondering what technique I haven’t presented much yet. I’m not much of an expert on DSLR photography…but one of the things I really enjoy about DSLRs is photographing subjects that are behind another subject at a minimal hyperfocal distance. So you photograph an object through another object. This style is primarily intended for color photography. So I offer a view of the yellow lily through the fuchsia flowers and a view of the fuchsia through the yellow lily.

how I photograph blooms….

and it doesn’t matter if it’s analog or DSLR. When taking black and white photos, luck is really in the right light. That’s why I often use reflector plates. As well as color filters. Each flower color prefers a different filter color. When taking color photos, I always use ND filters. Notwithstanding the fact that both Lightroom and Photoshop can do a lot of things. I need to see a good photo before I develope or edit it.

6 x 6 x 135 =

The another compositional experiment with cine-film 135 in a medium format camera 6×6. Yesterday I took with three cameras (Leica, Zorkij, Pentacon) so the photos published yesterday will be similar to today’s..

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