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here in Eden…

here, in Eden, summer is slowly coming to an end. There won’t be any more hay this year, and lambs in thicker sweaters are running across the sky. An apples are ripening in the garden and Eve is still jealous of Lilith…🙂🙃📷

Canon EOS 500N, STM Canon 1.8/50mm, Fujicolor C200 & Fujica ST901 Super-Takumar f 2,5/135mm, expired Fomapan N21 (1982),+1EV

Outdoor atelier 2

Sometimes quite interesting photos are taken. Although these photos will not be suitable for an encyclopedia of flowers, they will suffice as a memory. Intro is double-exposure too… a hippie style 🙂🙃📷

Fujifilm 200(35mm) + Acros 100II(medium format)

I spent three days…

… trying to lure sparrows to the spa. I poured water into the old dishes, prepared food for them and watched them frolic in the water. I could already see myself accepting the Pulitzer Prize for photography – Summer of the Sparrow. 😁📷Unfortunately, they probably came across some better attractions on the way to us, so I managed to take a picture of only one, who stopped for a tasting on the way to another place. Then, out of boredom, I poured water on the concrete block…

Canon EOS 500N, Sigma 70-300mm, Acros 100II + LR

few perfored photos …

Today, temperatures have again exceeded 30 ° C and this is not a completely normal summer temperature at our altitude. So I’m attaching a few more pictures from yesterday.

Pentacon Six TL, 80mm Zebra Biometar + yellow filter, Fomapan F400

a fertile country…

The hot weather directly attracts to similar photos. I loaded again the 35mm film into a medium-format camera, thus supplementing the ideas that arose during the previous days🌞📷

Pentacon Six TL, f2.8/80mm Biometar Zebra + yellow filter, 135 Fomapan F400 footage, Kodak TMax 1:4 (D800 intro)

Columns and straw….

All I need for a feeling of happiness is a camera, any lens and a piece of negative.

Pentacon Six TL, 50mm Flektogon, Acros 100 II+ D800, MF 135mm Samyang