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when the time comes…

Sometimes we say it happened at the right time, or it happened at the wrong times, or we don’t have time. Sometimes we make time. And we’ll give it some time. Although time is just a math tool. The universe does not need time to exist. When it is, it will be. This is exactly how the universe works. I hope I didn’t stole too much of your time with this thought.

Canon EOS 500N, 50+70-300mm APO, Superia 400, C41

the strange thing…

I have mentioned several times that I like to use old and expired films. Last week, I put another expired inverse film from 1989. Its original (original!) packaging, made of aluminum foil, was intact. To my surprise, after his shooting, I found out that someone had photographed him a long time ago. Apparently one of the former employees of the producer of this film stole (in our country everything was stolen at that time) took part of the film, but apparently the theft was discovered and he had to return the stolen films. In production, they sealed it again in aluminum foil, and since then this film has been waited for me. The pictures show that someone shoted some history books. The images were probably meant for a lecture where the images would be projected on a projector. I hope, that it was the last film with the same story…. .I love multiexposition … but I need to know about her 😁📷

Full analog process, Nikon F50, 14,50,135mm, inverse Fomapan R21 expired 1989

And the following shots are from the part of the film that someone probably didn’t have time to use. Today foggy morning.

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