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I was just one year old…

…and negative had just been made that expired two years later. it took him 50 years without a single month to reach my camera. To my first camera. Happy birthday old Fomapan 21…🙂🙃📷🍾🎞

Lubitel 166B, 3,5/80mm, Fomapan 21 expired 1974, +1EV, Kodak Sepia tonner, spool and Lilith

Lubitel 166B …

It was 1980 and at Christmas I got my first camera from my parents. Twin lens reflex camera. It is plastic, but every photographer knows that an interesting photo can be taken with a keyhole. I put the film Fujifilm Acros 100II (exp.12 / 2021) into it and after 36 years I pressed the trigger on it again. 😁📷

Double exposure, Lubitel 166B, Acros 100II, Kodal TMax Professional