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what you see is not what you see…

It is so. We like to be fooled by what we see. And I’m not even talking about how easily we get fooled by what we hear. The opening photo shows a rippled water surface in which treetops are reflected. The problem is that it is the roof of a car after a hailstorm 😁😁😁📷

The rainmaker…

Can you cause rain? On such hot days, rain would be like living water. But it’s not raining and it probably won’t rain right away. That’s why I created the illusion of rain using double exposure. The first exposure is just a shot of a flowering clover and camera movement. This way you can at least let it raining anywhere in the photo ….

D800 + Nikkor f1.4/50mm

Wag the Dog

It was getting dark when the last Martin was flying overhead. Maybe a loner. I took a picture of her several times. Taking a picture of this living fighter aicraft with a manual lens to keep him at least a little focused will give you the job. Far less work can then merge the few photos in PS and create a whole formation of these little fighters. Then I exchanged the blue sky for an older image taken with a IR filter and definitely wag the dog.

Nikon D800, MF Samyang 135