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I spent three days…

… trying to lure sparrows to the spa. I poured water into the old dishes, prepared food for them and watched them frolic in the water. I could already see myself accepting the Pulitzer Prize for photography – Summer of the Sparrow. 😁📷Unfortunately, they probably came across some better attractions on the way to us, so I managed to take a picture of only one, who stopped for a tasting on the way to another place. Then, out of boredom, I poured water on the concrete block…

Canon EOS 500N, Sigma 70-300mm, Acros 100II + LR

All shades of gray II …

I’ll add a few DSLR images before the negatives dry. Every one of my pictures carries a story. In the morning, I was fascinated by a fountain in a small town about twenty kilometers from my house. The problem was that the moment I chose the composition, the fountain always changed the force of the water flow. I’m sure someone was standing by the fountain’s remote, having a lot of fun 😁📷

Water, Ice and Analog

The pictures from yesterday on an old camera Praktica BC1 with Carl Zeiss 135mm lens and negative film Fomapan F21 wich expired 34 years before. I really like to take pictures of these old negatives. It’s my travel thru time.

ISO 100, f 22, 1s (without ND filter, I have only diameter 67 and 52mm)

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