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There are days…

when the air does not move, but only until you feel like taking pictures of grass or grain.To make the wind blow, pull out the camera. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result. The human eye is unable to focus on multiple subjects in a single moment. That’s just how we see.The complete image is then composed by our brain.

Pentacon Six TL, Biometar + Flektogon + yellow filter, Acros 100II, Kodak TMax 1:4

before the snow and the sky blackened…

Three days ago, I tried to photograph the movement of snow in the wind on a hill near the house. There was one picture left in the old Flexaret and six pictures left in Leica. It was supposed to be just a short way up the hill. The blue color of the sky disappeared very quickly. The tire tracks disappeared after a few seconds. For about an hour I tried to find the place where I parked my car. And now I’m lying on the third day with a cup of tea with honey and lemon.

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