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to be always online …

You basically see the young generation with their eyes down. The whole world fit into their cell phones. And there they looks at pictures of those who are looking around …

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, BW F100 expired 2004 and Kodak Ektar 100 & Leica R7 Vario Elmar 28-70mm F400 Action

Good morning world….

It is a question of how long we can afford to wish you good morning. In the morning, Europe was a small step away from a nuclear disaster. Russian troops have launched a missile attack on the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. According to yesterday’s statement by the mad Adolf Putin that the action is proceeding according to plan, this attack was also planned. Putin’s goal is to provoke an escalation of the conflict so that he can somehow justify the war crimes he has committed and continues to commit. NATO‘s calm is driving him madness. How should the world behave now? First of all, to name the unprecedented terrorist act that Putin committed by attacking the nuclear power plant, to officially name it a terrorist act. Arrest all of Putin’s supporters. Whoever supports terrorism is a terrorist and belongs to pre-trial detention, the court and the prison. The situation is really serious. Nevertheless, I wish you … Good morning, world.