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Zenit E…

I thought to check the functionality of an old USSR camera Zenit E from my camera museum. Obviously it will need cleaning as it doesn’t like slow shutter speeds, but times from 1/60sec still work. With sensitive film and a bit of sun, it was possible to shoot at a higher depth of field. His original Helios 44-2 lens was back on the camera. However, the advantages of this lens are especially at a small depth of field. But I’ll show that later with a color film.The selenium exposure meter still works, but I’m not betting on its accuracy. I exposed as I usually do… by eye. The opening photo is taken on a Nikon D800 with an M42 adapter and a second Helios 44-2 lens 📷🙂🙃

  • Zenit E, Helios 44-2(f 2/58mm), Fomapan F400
  • Nikon D800+Helios 44-2(intro)