TK100 & D76(ID11) homemade

I recently tested the behavior of TK100 roll film with D76 developer. TK100 is essentially Fomapan 100, but bought by the meter. This means that you can roll a 1-frame film under the cover strip yourself, or you can roll a 220 roll if you have a camera that allows you to take up to 24 frames in the 6×6 format. Because I needed to test the Kodak D76 (Ilford ID11) developers I had mixed, I always got by with four images in a roll, for each attempt of a differently lit scene.

  • Bronica S2
  • Nikon P 2,8/75mm

The picture is taken in the dark garage of an old repair plant. However, a fifteen second exposure allowed me to capture as much reflected light as possible.

All photos are my own and copyrighted. Their use is prohibited without my written consent.MIC©

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