MP 271

The final version of the own two-bath negative developer was named MP 271. At the moment, it is only tested on Fomapan 100 negatives. It achieves slightly better results on 35mm negatives, which is fine with me, because this is how I radically reduce the costs of analog photography πŸ™ƒπŸ“·

In the upper part of the linear scan of the negative, it is shown how it develops the first bath.(correct,-1EV,+1EV) At the bottom of the picture is the negative after the complete chemical process .(correct,-1EV,+1EV) .

The second image is a linear scan of the negative at the correct exposure.

The following picture is from this morning in medium format

  • Bronica S2 + Nikon P 200mm + ext. tubes
  • Fomapan 100 + MP271 dev
  • scan

All photos are my own and copyrighted. Their use is prohibited without my written consent.MICΒ©

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