I must have been tired or thinking about something else… In short, when developing one 120 negative, I used the same amount of developer as when developing 35mm film (right before that I developed three 35mm films). So it was low of developer in the development tank. Thanks to this, the resulting image was divided into a well developed part and a poorly developed part. I angrily crumpled the wet negative and threw it in the ash bucket. The next day I took the crumpled negative out of the bucket and put it under the glass in the scanner…. I got even more mad at myself. They could have been beautiful photos 🙃🎞📷

  • Pentacon Six TL + Biometar Zebra 2,8/80mm + yellow filter
  • Fomapan ORTHO 400 + Agfa Rodinal from 60′
  • bucket + ash
  • linear scan

All scans are my own and copyrighted. Their use is prohibited without my written consent.MIC©

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